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In 2005, Czech Republic entered the EU greenhouse gas emission trading system. This scheme has been introduced in the European Union as a tool for achieving Kyoto targets. At the end of each year each company must surrender enough emission allowances to cover all its emissions. Each company receives certain amount of allowances which can be traded.

Companies and aircraft operators within the emissions trading system are required to monitor and report emissions of greenhouse gasses. In most cases emissions are calculated based on the amount of fuel or raw materials entering the reaction producing greenhouse gasses (all fuel burning and some technology-specific reactions).

Companies covered by the scheme must submit a verified annual emissions report after the end of each year. Verifications are made by independent authorities as the governments do not have sufficient capacities. An auditor carries out thorough inspection of whole monitoring procedure and its conclusions and enunciates positive or negative verification statement.

VERIFIKACE CZ s.r.o. was among the first Czech entities authorized by the Ministry of Environment to provide verifications of annual emission reports. In the first trading year VERIFIKACE CZ carried out dozens of verification and ranked among the leading providers of such services. Moreover, since 2011 it is the sole Czech auditing company accredited to verify CO2 emissions and tonnekilometres of aircraft operators

In August 2013, Verification body VERIFIKACE CZ acquired an accreditation for verifications of greenhouse gas emissions according to ÈSN EN ISO 14065. This accreditation is recognised in all EU countries. Accreditation certificate is stored in the download section.

Since 2019 VERIFIKACE CZ is entitled to verify aviation emissions reported under the new global CORSIA scheme.

The Verification body also provides verification of the production and import of partly and wholly fluorinated hydrocarbons and sulfur hexafluoride (so-called F-gases) pursuant to Regulation (EU) No 517/2014.